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A Strange Encounter

A Strange Encounter

A Strange Encounter

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Northern UK, winter 1991, 8:37pm. The monotony of the night shift at a military early warning radar station is broken by a loud alarm as a couple of UFOs are detected. They demonstrate operational capabilities far beyond anything that could have been built here on Earth. Major Dan Strange and Professor Lucy Compton from DI55 (Aerospace Intelligence) are called in to investigate. Neither of them could have imagined how the night would unfold.

This is an action adventure novel with 91,076 words, the paperback version has 382 printed pages in paperback format ‘A’ size.

From the paperback edition back-cover:

November 1991. One of the biggest UFO flaps in recorded history was about to occur in the skies over Northern Europe.

To the casual observer it was just another cold dark miserable night in the north east of England.

At Sentinel CC, a secret military early warning radar surveillance station located on the Yorkshire Moors, far from prying eyes, the 12 hour night shift, 6pm to 6am had started two and a half hours ago, and as usual, was as boring as watching geological change.

Everyone hated the night shift, nothing ever happened, ever, then suddenly at 20:37 Zulu a loud ‘Two Tone’ alarm sounded…….

‘Sentinel Charlie Charlie, this is Speedbird 235, we can see your two aircraft…can’t make out the type, very bright red, wait a sec…yes, very red…changing from scarlet to crimson, there may be some blue and green in there as well…the colours are continually changing as I’m speaking…can’t really make out the shape…wait…they’re getting closer…stand by…looks like they are quite long, flattish looking platforms…one is a couple of hundred feet above the other. The colours are changing all the time, still predominantly red…very, very bright.’ The audio from the speaker crackled. ‘They’re getting closer, should we be worried?’


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