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Men’s Journal (1-year)

Men’s Journal (1-year)
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Men’s Journal (1-year)

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This magazine is edited for active men with an interest in participatory sports, travel, fitness and adventure. It provides practical, informative articles on how to spend quality leisure time.

Who Reads Men’s Journal?
Written for adventurous men, Men’s Journal describes its readers as interested in outdoor experiences, health and fitness, style and fashion, and cutting-edge gear–men determined to “Live the Adventurous Life.”

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:

Past Issues:

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Special Issues Through the Year:

  • The Life List Issue: Creating the list of “things to do before you die” is the heart of this issue, targeted to the adventurous readers of Men’s Journal.
  • Perfect Things: A signature issue for Men’s Journal, it features the best boystoys, everything from the latest gadgets to signature suits.
  • The Adventure Issue: In the biggest issue of the first half of the year, Men’s Journal travels the globe for the best experiences at both ends of the spectrum: rugged and most refined.
  • 50 Best Places to Live: “Best Places to Live” features the best cities to live life to the fullest.
  • Your Best Summer Ever: Men’s Journal’s must-haves for summer: the perfect combination of tackling rewarding new challenges and finding true relaxation.
  • Sports: Geared towards fall sports, when NFL and college football are just underway, NBA and Hockey are getting into gear, and baseball is in the midst of the playoffs, this issue focuses on all the greatest athletes and sporting events coming up.
  • Winter Fun and Travel: In our annual winter adventure preview, we feature the best ways to make the most of the season with exclusive mountaintop resorts, the hottest ski bars, and the warmest winter gear.
  • The Best Issue: Men’s Journal presents the best in dining, nightlife, the outdoors, vacation hotspots, and everything else our readers are passionate about. Industry experts and real readers with first-hand knowledge give you their insights into the best.


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